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Kilkenny Supporters Club

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Latest Club Shop Opening Times - 6 to 7pm, Sat 11am to 1pm,

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Silver Circle Winners Week 1 to 14

Week 14:
€200 Kathleen O'Brien Suit Crescent
€100 Tony Walsh Licketstown
€50 Ann BoweTurkstown
€20 David Cody Clonmore, Annette Coach Mooncoin Heights, Pasty Law Mullinavat, Matt Murphy Old Luffany, Billy Delahunty New Road, Angela Haley Polerone, WillieR Ryan Ballygorey, Fr O'Gorman c/o J.Crowley, Larry Gilmartin Barronwood, Bill Delahunty New Road, Breda Dunphy Ballygorey, Barry Purcell Middlequarter, Stephen Walsh ComeraghView, Mary Delahunty c/o E.Delahunty, John Power Mooncoin Heights, Tracey Healy Roseleigh, James Walsh Australia, Patrick Hayes Ballincur, Anne Livingstone Ardera, Eoin Walsh Clogga.

Week 13: 
€200 Vinny Kearns Clogga
€100 John Flynn Castlemartyr
€50 John Crowley Polerone
€20 Niamh Madden Ballinlough, Jodie Murphy Rathkieran, Kathleen Launders Suit Crescent, Rachel O'Brien Chapel St. John Bassett Whitehall, Eoin Doyle Ashgrove, Sean Tubritt New Aslish, Seanie Tyler Polerone, Catherine Doran Comeragh View, Michael O'Keeffe Polerone, Eithne Ponce de Leon FilbuckstownL, Lucy Quinn Lr Corluddy, Margaret Phelan Luffany, Ann Egan Roseleigh, Richard Howley Ballytarsney, Brian Foskin Cork, Kathleen Mackey Carrick Road, Alan Conway Roseleigh, Maurice Kelly Dournane, Trish Conway Rathcurby.

Week 12:  
€200 Caroline Dunphy Tubrid
€100 Pamela Drennan Roseleigh
€50 Johnny O'Brien Grange
€20 Eamon Holden Main St. Eleanor Healey Dungooley, Stefan Gilcgrist Clonmore, Marie Flynn Mooncoin Heights, Benny Mackey Portnascully, Marian Walsh Mt Neill, John Grace Main St. Pat Murphy Fiddown, Kathleen O'Brien Comeragh View, Jack Heqetson Corluddy, Kieran O'Brien c/o G O'Brien, Mossy Skehan Chapel St. Niall McLoughlin c/o Dick. Walsh, Martin Howley Ballytarnsney, Maurice Nolan Grange Rd. Helen Delahunty Filbuckstown, Margaret Phelan Luffany, Kathleen Seamill c/o Park. Bowe, John Cudd ihy Luffany, Larry White Luffany

Week 11:
€200 John Gallagher Ashgrove
€100 Micky O'Keeffe Polerone
€50 John Grant (Snr) Portnascully
€20 Helen Grant Rathkieran, Josie Foran Ardera, Matt Murphy Old Luffany, Johnny Ryan Comeragh View, Paul Butler Roseleigh, James Smith c/o Dick Walsh, Ann Marie Carroll Comeragh View, Tom Hennebry Ballybrazil, Owen Hennebry Ballybrazil, Donor O'Shea c/o J.Dunphy, Jim O'Keeffe Ashgrove, Christy Knox Suit Crescent, Helen Scahill Piltown, Tadgh&Maggie Curran Dournane, Jack Hewetson Corluddy, Tom Roche Ballincur, Maureen McNena Polerone, Sofie&Ellie Fitzgerald Luffany, Aoife Hayes Ballincur, Breda Hammond Ballygorey.

Week 10:
€200 Ned O'Keeffe St.Anne's Tce, 
€100 Bea Dunphy Dangan
€50 Michael Butler c/o E.Doyle
€20 Eoin Grant Portnascully, Carmal Farrell Portnahully, Damon Holden Main St., Michael Holtan Cooleigh, Tom Hennebry Cloncunny, Roisin Crowley Riverquarter, Patrick & Sam O'Hanlon Farranmacedmad, Mary Walsh Corluddy, Johnny Kearns Ardera, Grace O' Keeffe Grange, Seamus Kearns Clogga, Tom Walsh Polerone, Ned Phelan Ballymountain, Adam O'Brien c/o G.O'Brien, John Joe Kinsella Dournane, Joan Foskin Polerone, Catherine Reville Comeragh View, Martina Walsh Rathkieran, Noreen Holden Polerone, Katie Delahunty Portnahully.

Week 9:                                                                     
€200 Kieran Culleton Templeoarum
€100 Mary Walsh Grange
€50 Emily Crowley Polerone
€20 Paddy Bowes Emily, Mark Cahill c/o Marie Flynn, Joseph Foster c/o D.Walsh, Ray Wall Corluddy, Matt James Walsh Cloncunny, Sean Aylward Polerone, Mary Reville Suir Crescent, Kathleen O'Brien Suir Crescent, Tom Hennberry  Cloncunny, Eamon  Murphy Jnr Grange, Katie Doyle Ashgrove, John Walsh Ballygriffin, David Cody Clonmore, Paul Winters Roseleigh, Cindy Dunphy Tubrid, Mark O'Keeffe St.Annes. Anne's Tce, Maggie McCole Polerone, Paddy Sufficient Grannage, Mary Frisby Clogga, Imelda Twomey Portnascully.

Week 8:                                                                   
€200 Ann Ponce de Leon Clogga
€100 Katie Delahunty Portnahully
€50 Grace O'Neill Rathkieran
€20 Eamon Holden Main St, Hope & Mackenzie Walsh Piltown, Emma Holden Ballinlough, Gerry Walsh Carrigeen, Aine Sutton Filbuckstown, Eily Delahunty Ballybrazil, Bessie Wall Clogga, Mooncoin Women's Group c/o Marie Flynn, Connie Purcell c/o Dick Walsh, Mary O'Hara Main.St, Martin Reville Suir Crescent, Johnny Phelan Dournane, Sean Dunphy Glengrant, Carmel Keilty Kilcraggan, Breda Comerford Clogga, Margaret Crowley Polerone, Noreen Mahon Ballybrazil, Margaret Sutton Polerone Green, Ann O'Brien Roseleigh, Liam Sutton Jnr Filbuckstown. 

Week 7:
€200 Wattie, Ann Walsh Clogga
€100 Mary Reid Comeragh View
€50 Lucy Hogan c/o Dickleburgh Walsh
€20 John Crowley Polerone, John Fripps Dungooley, Paula Reddy Dournane, Orla Brennan Ashgrove, Gemma Peggy Keogh Barron, Shane/Charlie O'Neill Mooncoin Heights, Ned Phelan Ballytarnsney, Maureen Byrne Polerone Green, Mickey Moran c/o E.Doyle, Mooncoin Juvenile Club Mooncoin, Martin Howley Ballytarnsney, Gail Conway Roseleigh, Killian O'Donovan c/o E.Doyle, Carmel Farnell  Portnahully, Ciaran Walsh Ballincur, Alan Conway Roseleigh, Caroline Brophy Carrick Road, Breda Hammond Ballygorey, Helen O'Hanlon Dournane, Thomas Dunphy Glengrant 

Week 6:
€200 Finn Hickey O'Shea Polerone
€100 Christine Comerford Cloncunny
€50 Del Comerford Clogga
€20 Ciara Hogan Grange, Breda Ryan Ballygorey, Tony Browne Waterford, Eddie Mackey Carrick Road, Walter Walsh Clogga, Victor Bailey Dournane Road, O'Shea Children Emily, Donal Holden Dournane Road, Seamus Phelan Clogga, Danielle Kammerer Piltown, Ned Healey  Polerone, Annette Cody Mooncoin Heights, Seamus Delahunty Portnahully , Mary Walsh Carrigeen, Jack Healey Ferrybank, John Finn  Ballinlough, Chile Quinn Polerone Green.                                      
Week 5:
€200 Jimmy Talbot New Road
€100 Peggy Walsh Ballincur
€50 Elizabeth Mahon Ballybrazil
€20 Eugene Fitzgerald Luffany , Ciara Phelan Rathmore Road, Eve Mackey Riverquarter , Shane Walsh Polerone, Claire Croke Grange, Larry Diggins Carrick Road, Thomas Dunphy Glengrant, Marie Dobb Ynys Piltown, Richard Dunphy Glengrant , Tadgh & Caomihe Law Ardera , Mary Telford Carrick Road, Ned Doyle Aglish,Tom & Aaron O'Neill Polerone, Tom Henebery Ballybrazil, Tony Duggan Mullinavat, Maureen Conneely  Dournane, Noreen Walsh Polerone , Anton Lannon Filbuckstown , Mark O'Keeffe St.Annes Terrace, Eily Kearns Nicholastown.

Week 4:
€200 Sean Wall Lr.Corluddy
€100 Paul Butler Nicholastown
€50 Mary Morahan Ballybrazil
€20 Lucy Quinn Lr. Corluddy, Seamus Howley Grange, Patrick Roche Ballincur, Paul Derwin Kilcraggan, Eamon Delahunty Portnascully, Jeanette Reid The Pound, Marie Purcell Grange, Patricia Kelly Ballinlough, Katelyn Felle Kilcraggin, Claus Holden Main St., Benny O'Brien Polerone, Tadgh&Maggie Curran Dournane, Eugene Dunphy Suir Crescent, Marie Flynn Mooncoin Heights, Tony Duggan Mullinavat, James Grace Ballincur,Valerie Walsh Ballincur, Maggie Dobbyn Suir Crescent, Helen Scahill Piltown, Josie Foster c/o Dick Walsh

Week 3:
€200 John Crowley Pollrone
€100 Seamus Comerford Main St.
€50 Larry Kearns Clogga
€20 Chrissy Power Portlaw, Kevin Dobbyn Grange, Margaret Sutton Pollrone Green, Tommy Foley Chapel St., Adian Dermondy New Aglish, Watler Crowley (Snr) Pollrone, Paul Walsh Clogga,  Watler Crowley (Jnr) Pollrone, Ann Grant Portnascully, Noreen Walsh Comeragh View, Louise Lehane Ballygorey, Joe Flynn Mooncoin Heights, Paul Derwin Kilcraggan, O'Shea Children c/o Eamon Holden, Michael Grant Grange, Michael Fewer Ballinlough,Ted Walsh Ballincur, M.Moran c/o Eoin Doyle, Maurice Kelly Pollrone, Martina Walsh Carrigeen.

Week 2:
€200 Martina Walsh Carrigeen
€100 Conor & Eoin Dermody Ballincur
€50 Katie Doyle Ashgrove
€20 Colm Lehane Ballygorey, John Purcell Pollrone, Willie Foran Ardera, Eily Kearns Nicholastown, Jim McCarthy Comeragh View, Joan Doran Covent View, Cindy Dillon Dunphy Tubbrid, Ann Bowe Turkstown, Christopher McCarthy Roseleigh, Marion Brogan Clonmore, Patrick Roche Ballincur, Pat Hogan Dournane, Joe Murphy Aglish, Kitty Walsh Ballygriffin, Kathleen Tobin Chapel St., Rachel Carroll Pollrone Green, Breda Gruthrie Old Luffany, Ned Delahunty Portnasully.

Week 1:
€200 Tina McCarthy Kilmacow
€100 Aileen Quinn Cashel
€50  Joe Sullivan Ashgrove
€20  Paddy Bowe Turkstown, Ray Cody Dunamaggin, Bella & Hannah Fitzgerald Ballybrazil, Mary Grace Ballincur, Mary Reid Comeragh View, Gerry Dunphy Tubbrid, Ashling Sutton Chapel St., Marie Kinsella Dournane, Hilary Og Delahunty Grange, Mary O'Hara Main St., Danny Purcell Pollrone, Kathleen & Maura Doran Carrick Rd., Angela Haley Pollrone, Helen Scahill Piltown, Marie Nolan Roseleigh, Brian Walsh Clogga, Patricia Kelly Ballinlough, Valerie Walsh Ballincur, Marie Flynn The Woman's Group, Sinead Quinn Pollrone Green.

Juvenile Registration 2017


All kids from new beginners to U12 - 30 euro

U14 & U16 - 35 euro

All new beginners receive free hurley and grip

'Pass it On' Scheme

The Juvenile and Camogie Clubs are launching a new 'Pass it On' scheme for 2015. The scheme is to facilitate parents/juvenile members who may have unwanted gear (Hurling Helmets, Boots, Shin Guards, Hurleys, Jerseys or Shorts) that they may wish to donate and also parents of new or younger members of the club who make be looking for such unwanted gear. All available gear must be in very good or good condition.

The scheme will work only through the club website. If you have any gear that you wish to pass on please email details of gear and sizes/ages along with a contact number to Fergal O'Hanlon, PRO, Juvenile Club at Equally, if you are looking for some gear please email what gear you are looking for along with your contact number also to (No names will be listed on the website of those looking for gear).

Further details available on at our Pass it On page.

Club Package Scheme Renewal
Payment is now due for any members who are part of the Clubs Package Scheme. Contact any club officer in relation to details of payment. New members are always welcome. Members of the Club can also avail of membership to the gym facilities in our Sports Complex. Any enquiries can be made to club officers who are on duty in the Sports Complex Mon-Fri 6-10pm

Gym Opening Hours 2017

Morning Evening
Monday 9.30am - 12pm 6pm - 10pm
Tuesday 9.30am - 12pm 6pm - 10pm
Wednesday 9.30am - 12pm 6pm - 10pm
Thursday 9.30am - 12pm 6pm - 10pm
Friday 9.30am - 12pm 6pm - 10pm
Saturday 11am - 1pm Closed
Sunday Closed Closed

All Enquiries to Joan Daly 086 155 3968

Mooncoin GAA Membership

New members to the Club are always welcome. Various membership packages are available. Club membership starts at €50. The Club also offers a great package scheme for €240 (can be paid by Direct Debit) which covers all of the following:
One years Club membership, 20 weeks of the Silver Circle Draw, 50 weeks Kilkenny Lotto Draw, 4 books of tickets for All-Ireland ticket draw and 1 Kilkenny County Board Piltown Draw ticket.